Solidarity with Ukraine

Dearest Readers,

Like so many of you, our family has spent most these past days unable to fully breathe in the normal pleasures of daily life. For instead of spring gently descending upon the towns and cities as it does in this country, horrific violence and unfathomable pain fall upon Ukraine. My husband and I fell asleep most nights this week to the sounds of blocked traffic on Bayswater Road. Honking, sirens, and the distant chanting of protestors in front of the Russian Embassy have not stopped filling our corner of London since the senseless aggression started. In Ukraine, instead of honks it is the explosion of bombs. Instead of ambulance sirens, it is air raid sirens. Instead of the chanting of protestors, it is a brave battlecry to fight for the future of their country.

In the year 2022, I trust our readers all agree that condemning violence and war is not a political opinion, but rather a crucial humanitarian value as both individuals and certainly for us as a publication. Much like thousands of women and children in Kyiv at this very moment, it was less than a century ago that Londoners used underground tube stations as shelter from falling bombs. A mere historical chapter passed when different air raid sirens filled the ears of another generation of children, and parents had to gently break innocence, explaining the concept of war. A period in European history when another authoritarian regime aimed to submerge sovereign democracies into the depths of oppression.

The images emerging from Ukraine echo a painful story shared with Britain and allied nations in the 1940s. This week has been a sobering reminder that when faced with war, human responses from afar are very much the same regardless of nationality or where borderlines fall: a writhing pain for the innocent, a stubborn hope, and a desperate desire to use one arm to help as much as possible. 

Alongside Britain and England, we at The Modern Jetsetter stand with the people of Ukraine. Starting today, we will donate 100% of sales for the next 72 hours made from ‘Issue 01: An English Life’ (via our online shop) to Save The Children UK and its Ukraine Crisis Appeal. We are not affiliated with the organisation but support its efforts to soften the horrors of war for young Ukranians. You can order the issue in the MJ online shop. Please note, we currently only ship to the UK.

If you don’t have space on your coffee table or bookshelf, we suggest considering a direct donation to any global or national charity in your own country which is supporting Ukraine with humanitarian aid. 

We also send our admiration to the journalists both in Ukraine and in Moscow who are bravely risking everything in the name of truth.

With peaceful wishes,

The Gruenwald Family

Publishers of The Modern Jetsetter


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