Penelope Chilvers & India Hicks: Boots For The Modern Duchess

India Hicks Penelope Chilvers collection

Whether an autumn weekend away in The Cotswolds or enduring maddening holiday dashes on King’s Road, the buttery suede capsule collection launched by Penelope Chilvers and India Hicks is a timeless answer for all calls of duty in town and country.

Penelope Chilvers, designer behind the tassled leather boots which steadily soared to the winning enclosure of iconic British fashion upon a young Catherine Middleton’s loyalty to her own pair, has converged her design brilliance with modern British royalty. Designer, entrepreneur and the daughter of celebrated designer David Hicks and Lady Pamela Hicks (née Mountbatten), England’s darling India Hicks collaborated with Penelope to create autumnal splendour which encapsulates India’s enduring approach to style. India married her adoration for timeless design and her family’s well-steeped British heritage with Penelope’s gift to create boots which last a lifetime both in beauty and character, resulting in heirloom footwear which can be passed down to daughters who will go on to live their own stories whilst wearing them.

The collection designed “for cowgirls, tomboys and adventurers” is now available to shop at Penelope Chilvers. One can visit her stores in Mayfair at 69 Duke Street or in Notting Hill at 48-50 Ledbury Road. You can explore the British-Bahamian world of India Hicks on her website.

All Photography Courtesy of the Penelope Chilvers press team


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