Eco Del Mare: Lerici’s Alluring Escape

One of most seductive stretches of the Italian Riviera is the famed Golfo dei Poeti, aptly named for its notable allure to famed English poets Shelley and Byron. The two scribes famously escaped unpredictable English weather to nest alongside these cliffs for musings. To retreat to the Mediterranean coastline for summer is a sacred time for both the English and Europeans. As with every proper escape, a little black book of treasures must be in tow. This is the first time we are opening ours to you, where the idea of luxury is always rooted in the story.

Tucked away like a jewel past the crawling, pastel-clad port of Lerici is one of our most beloved private beaches in Liguria: Eco Del Mare. A beach club by day, the boutique hotel breathes Italian heat in the truest sense of the word — sultry, seductive, and alive with the saturation of Italian intensity. Overlooking the cove is the Eco Del Mare hotel itself, carved into the cliff as if by nature— like most of Liguria’s wondrous architectural feats, beauties with no explanations, miraculously contouring Italy’s beauty rather than intruding on it.

When visiting Italy in August, there are two caveats. First, August is the month of Ferrogosto, the time Italians themselves take two weeks of holiday. The tourism season carries on without hitch, yet one must expect some shops and restaurants to be closed. Also to be expected: moderate impossibility in booking a private beach spontaneously. Days at the sea aren’t an occasion for Italians, rather, it is deeply embedded into the culture. The sea is the stage of Italian wellbeing and historically the prime time to socialise. Families reserve umbrella compounds for their families and neighbours years in advance to maintain their summer traditions, and togetherness. Showing up to a private beach without reservation isn’t the wise course. We advise to shortlist private beaches before your holiday and ring well in advance to reserve. Eco Del Mare happens to crown our list whilst in Liguria.

The delicate cream curtains inhale and exhale with every wave at shore, creating a gentle rhythm of swimming, reading, napping. Yachts glide into the harbour all morning and by mid-afternoon, the bay is the quintessential Mediterranean show of boats at play. When appetite strikes, Eco Del Mare’s al fresco dining experience is only a few steps away from the umbrella. When in the Italian Riviera, seafood and white wine are the only guiding culinary principles (as summer rightfully warrants). For those who habitually swirl career with pleasure, the hotel attracts a freelance crowd. Eco Del Mare is no stranger to the sight to an inspired creative (plus, the beachside espresso service is second to none).


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