Society Chronicles

As the cost-of-living crisis ripples across Britain, the literacy chasm for children living in poverty deepens. With thousands of families facing the harrowing choice between keeping a warm home or putting dinner on the table this Christmas, reading for pleasure is one of the sources of magic facing extinguishment for children across the country. Doorstep […]

December 7, 2022

For those who treasure a home as a main character in a family legacy or simply relish in scouting potential properties for a castle of one’s own, we are introducing a new series to Society Chronicles in which we explore homes throughout Britain which marry the preservation of history with the splendour of English interiors. […]

September 27, 2022

We at The Modern Jetsetter are delighted to introduce Society Chronicles, a weekly online column to sustain reader appetite in between print issues. Brimming with society happenings in London, production postcards and other news and musings from the Jetsetter world, we hope these entries create a new vessel to connect with our readers as the […]

January 21, 2022