Gold Petal Three-Tier Candleholder by Mrs. Alice | Upon moving to England, it doesn’t take word long to slip through the fine taste grapevine of Alice Naylor-Leyland’s exquisite imaginings when it comes to whimsical table decor; her designs feel nothing short of stepping into an enchanted forest, or even Burnett’s Secret Garden itself. This three-tiered […]

One of most seductive stretches of the Italian Riviera is the famed Golfo dei Poeti, aptly named for its notable allure to famed English poets Shelley and Byron. The two scribes famously escaped unpredictable English weather to nest alongside these cliffs for musings. To retreat to the Mediterranean coastline for summer is a sacred time […]



“With ‘Schmarren’ dough, you can really know if a woman has a heart.” Tiroler Kaiserschmarren (or, Kaiserschmarrn) literally translates into “emperor’s mess” — and you bet there is a reason for that. Legend has it there once lived an Austrian king and queen who traveled through the Alps and tired from their long journey, stopped by […]

The Modern Jetsetter is a celebration of English elegance in town, country and continental travels. Each issue focuses on a destination or theme within Great Britain or Europe, brimming with timeless stories written for the old-world traveller with modern sensibility and propensity for enchantment. Our first issue 'An English Life' is a sweeping introduction to all the cultural quintessence of English living.