Dearest Readers, As I type this small chronicle to you at 5:26AM on a Friday morning — the birdsong commenced, the sun not yet risen — London’s first Magnolia bloom is nearly behind us. The pastel petals we dutifully awaited all winter are scattered in their glorious iridescence on the footpaths throughout Notting Hill, the […]

If there were ever a suitcase to capture the nostalgic spirit of British air travel, it would be the new limited-edition designed by Globe-Trotter celebrating crown jewel of the British Airways livery: the now retired BOAC 747, or more fondly known to fliers and aviation enthusiasts, the Queen of the Skies. Handcrafted in England, the […]


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Gold Petal Three-Tier Candleholder by Mrs. Alice | Upon moving to England, it doesn’t take word long to slip through the fine taste grapevine of Alice Naylor-Leyland’s exquisite imaginings when it comes to whimsical table decor; her designs feel nothing short of stepping into an enchanted forest, or even Burnett’s Secret Garden itself. This three-tiered […]

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