From the history of a royal stationer in the heart of Mayfair and secrets of running historic English estates to wooden chalets nestled in Austrian Alps and nostalgia of an overnight train to Venice, we believe in the romance of the old world. We also trust in modern magic, capturing the portrait of contemporary Britain and Europe through tales of the small businesses, people, craftsmanship and experiences rooted in tradition.

Inspired to reimagine her former travel website into enduring, perennial journals for the home and share the love of her own, founder Kortney Gruenwald is shaping The Modern Jetsetter to be an editorial stage  devoted to Britain, its culture, and the grand European escape.

The Modern Jetsetter is a London-based biannual publication exploring stories of British elegance in town, country and across the channel in Europe. Our collectible journals explore the intimate details of British culture and the nostalgia of continental travel through the lens of timelessness.

Each issue celebrates the narrative of a certain region or theme within Great Britain or Europe, brimming with stories written for the old-world traveller with  modern sensibility, sophistication and devotion to classics.

"Our issues are written as evergreen sources of romance, nostalgic companions destined for sitting rooms and armchairs at home in Britain, throughout Europe and around the world."


Kortney Gruenwald is a novelist, writer and the founder of The Modern Jetsetter journal. American born and now forever settled in England, she lives in Notting Hill with her husband and two dogs on the edge of Kensington Gardens. When not at her desk for the journal or immersed in the fictional world of a manuscript, you can find her in the midst of a long walk through Hyde Park or travelling somewhere for a story. She is currently writing her first novel series and is a perpetual reader, devoted most waking hours to words, walks, wit and falling more in love with her English life. 

Kortney has previously worked as an international editor in Hamburg, Germany and as a freelance writer for PopSugar, PureWow and other lifestyle publications in New York City and London. 

The Founder: Kortney Gruenwald

09. What inspired you to start a print publication in a modern world?

The emotion of physical is precious, especially for the old-world souls & travellers. I believe in the slow, timeless, purposeful romance of a story. 

a. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy 
b. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
c.  Emma by Jane Austen
d. North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell

08. Which classic novel do you pull off your shelf for comfort? 

a. Castle Howard 
b. Highclere Castle
c. Chatsworth House
d. Still searching


A long walk in Kensington Gardens with a podcast or audiobook

06. what is your favoUrite morning routine?

a. Campari
b. Gin & Tonic
c. Champagne
d. Aperol Spritz

05. Drink of choice

My century-old emerald ring

04. What is one thing you can't live without?

a. Emilia Wickstead
b. Vampire's Wife
c. Beulah
d. Each and every

03. The british dress designer do you covet?

Earl Grey with a splash of milk

02. How do you take your TEA?

a. Sabrina
b. Funny Face
c. Roman Holiday
d. Obviously all of the above

01. which audrey hepburn film is your favourite?

Meet Our Founder

Tessa Packan is the branding aficionado and graphic designer behind The Modern Jetsetter print journals. After studying Education and Social Sciences at University College London (UCL), she pursued her passion for design at Shillington College and has never looked back. Over the last five years, Tessa has held key roles in the marketing department of educational charities and schools. She is based in South London.

Tessa adores working with colour, illustrations and emotive photography to create original and eye-catching designs.  In her free time, she can be found in the garden with a glass of wine, exploring the English countryside or travelling. Tessa and Kortney first met at the bar of The Ivy on High Kensington Street, where they instantly and excitedly bonded over Tessa's Austrian cardigan and shared love for Austria itself. 

The Designer: Tessa Packan