February 21, 2018

The Beauty of Turbulence

I confess: these past months had the most unexpected turbulence.

While watching another perfect Arizona sunrise this morning, I decided to share a ray of light which recently found me.

I have an incredibly open heart, however…vulnerability was impossible for me. No matter what challenge, I figured it out on my own. I always had tight control over my emotions and plans. Advice, guidance or help is not something I ever sought. My heart’s security system was ironclad to intrusions or changes.


Life laughed.

The funny thing about life…it doesn’t allow you to outrun the light we actually need. Whether it’s an experience, place or a person you meet…one day there will be a key which unlocks a door in your heart to a happiness you didn’t know possible.

On a recent trip, that door blew open with a bang. I met an electricity which was far more powerful than anything I could control.

Jolt by jolt, I realized the part of my heart which I protected was much bigger than I realized. Moment by moment, new parts of me came to life. Day by day, my eyes filled with a fierce happiness. Smile by huge wonderful smile, my defenses were useless and golden electricity effortlessly filled every last corner of my heart.

It managed to shake me, and I haven’t been the same girl since.

While here in Arizona, I realized the mystery of this mess is simple: I felt my heart at its happiest.

What was already strong about me before turned into a fiercer sense of direction and self-respect. I suddenly couldn’t fool my heart (or mind) into anything less than that wonderful fire. That electricity inspired me in the best way possible. It felt like home, and the longer I fought it, the more it intensified.

I was incredibly reluctant to share this, because it’s delicate. The electricity which ignited this all isn’t at all gone and in the spirit of truth, it scares me. I’ve never been more aware of the happiness I want to give, and the depths of passion I’m capable of. It inspired me to reach for new stars and be the best woman I could, and that’s always power.

Once you look in the mirror and see that bright happiness in your eyes, there is only one right option: make that feeling a compass for all you pursue in life.

Cheers to turbulence and the color it brings to life.


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The Beauty of Turbulence



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