February 13, 2018

Jetsetter Capsule Wardrobe

As I enter my late 20s, I have discovered the true trick to remaining effortlessly stylish no matter where I am in the world: keep it simple. Long gone are the days where I turned to luxury brands and latest trends for my everyday style. My wardrobe is now rooted in practicality, timelessness and quality  and yes, plenty of repeat outfits.

Maintaining personal should never feel overwhelming or leave your strapping for wardrobe budget. It should be a no-pressure affair of celebrating your own unique classic style.

I’ve put together a style guide of my true staples which I turn to on a weekly and daily basis. These classic wardrobe pieces are quintessential American elegance and work in most every combination. The best part? It definitely doesn’t have to be expensive. If you spend at a mid-level range you can easily nab pieces that will last a decade. Spend money on real estate, coffee and plane tickets, not fashion trends.

Here is my official jetsetter capsule wardrobe. I swear by this and truly with your own touches and tastes, you don’t need anything else.

classic wardrobe

When embarking on the mission of creating a capsule wardrobe, it’s important to remember you can create it on any budget and it’s more of a long-term affair rather than buying everything at once. Map out the stores you love most and keep a close eye on their collections to nab the pieces you love.

My favorite stores: Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, Club Monaco, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, LL Bean, Patagonia and whatever designs I spot on my favorite shopping websites. What about trendy pieces or indulging in shopping when traveling? If you love a piece, buy it! Having a capsule wardrobe is just to ensure your style bases are always covered.

Another bonus tip: Find a good tailor. It’s the difference between a wearing a piece of clothing or having it wear you. Tailoring your pieces will absolutely keep you happier with your wardrobe longer.


Blue Oxford – For Oxfords, button downs and blouses, I always go with Ralph Lauren for quality and timeless American quality.

Gingham Button Down – Another Ralph Lauren classic.

Cashmere Turtleneck – A year-round staple that works with shorts during chilly summer nights and the perfect top for all cold-weather outfits.

Fisherman Sweater – Yes, I love this LL Bean classic so much I have it in two colors (navy and cream). They are figure flattering and work for both crisp coastal nights during spring and cozy winter days.

Striped Breton Tee – A true classic that fits into American Days and European escapes in the French Riviera and beyond, having a ready supply of Breton tees goes a long way.

White Blouse – For those important meetings, dinner dates and conferences where you need to exude classic chic. Easily pairs with everything.

Cozy Weekend Pullover – Confession: I have about five of these for running errands in the city and keeping it cozy on New England weekends. I love Patagonia (so much) and try to buy a few pullovers every year. LL Bean is also a great brand for these.



Skinny Blue Jeans – Every American girl needs a reliable pair of blue jeans that will take her around the world. I love a classic wash and keeping it high-waist and skinny so they pair with everything.

White Jeans – This will take trial and error when it comes to shopping, but a pair a white jeans that fits you perfect goes a long way in making an impression. The perfect summer and I argue, winter staple.

Navy Blue Trousers – Elegant bottoms when jeans don’t suit the occasion, navy blue trousers via Tory Burch are timeless and the quickest way to appear extra in command of your day.

Chino Shorts – For boating days in Nantucket or an extra toasty summer day abroad.

Statement Midi Skirt – We all need a go-to fitted midi skirt that transforms us into Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.

Down Parka – It took me a long time to find a winter jacket I love. I’ve never been a Canada Goose girl. I adore Patagonia for it’s ability to make outdoorsy a touch more classic. This down parka is toasty and the color perfect for any adventure.

Wool Topcoat – I have a topcoat addiction, but truly you only need one or two for occasions where you need to keep warm and chic. I love this Italian inspired coat from J.Crew (I wear it everywhere).

Warm Vest – On autumn days where it’s cold but not cold enough to bundle up.

Blazer – An essential every jet-setter needs. Be sure to find one that fits you perfectly or give to your tailor.

Classic Trench – For rainy spring days or gallivanting in Paris. I saved up three years for my Burberry and I know it will last me at least two decades.



Silk Dress – A chic ensemble that works for both daytime affairs and nighttime cocktails, this silk dress (must be silk, you’ll understand once you have it on) is one that will hang in your closet forever.

Sleeveless – Every lady needs a sleeveless summer dress.

Gingham Shirt Dress – Perfect for everyday where and can be styled in both spring and summer.

White Shirt Dress – A classic shirt dress that works perfect for meeting and special ocassions.


Nude Pumps – The only rule to follow when finding your perfect nude pumps: comfort is king. These are Ferragamo and my secret weapon when networking with Italians (they instantly respect you when you wear Salvatore Ferragamo, I’m not joking).

Statement Flats – I love when flats have a little heel and come in a bold shade; Salvatore Ferragamo is my shoe king and his pairs usually last me three years.

Loafers – Tory Burch loafers are always timeless and fit into both sunny and cold-weather looks.

LL Bean Boots – Every New Englander needs a pair of Bean boots in his/her wardrobe.

Jack Rogers Sandals – This was Jackie O’s secret summer accessory. If it’s good enough for a Kennedy, it’s probably perfect for you.

Rider Boots – A classic pair of brown riding boots is a wardrobe essential, especially for elevating your wardrobe to fall standards. This pair via Tory Burch will last you a few years (unless of course, you actually ride horses with them which I have learned is not ideal).

Hunter Rainboots – Obviously an essential, but I prefer a bright-colored wedge pair to make these boots more of a statement.

Sperry Sneakers – Because everyone needs comfortable shoes.


Neutral Cashmere Scarf – Keep scarves neutral and luxurious so they match everything.

Warby Parker Eyeglasses – I love Warby Parker frames because of their timeless style, good quality and affordable prices for easy style switching.

Oversized Sunglasses – The key to avoiding eye wrinkles and looking stylish year-round, every girl needs her go-to pair of oversized sunglasses. I’m loving Tory Burch styles lately.

KJP Pearl Necklace – Pearls are a quintessential American accessory which I couldn’t live without. I’m absolutely obsessed with NE-based business Keil James Patrick and since I moved back to the States, they are the only place I go for Atlantic pearls. I love the gold anchors and ribbons for an extra feminine touch.

Gemstone Earrings – Kate Spade always has perfect ultra-feminine gemstone earrings that make an extra statement.

Pearl Drop Earrings – Another Kate Spade must! Pearl earrings go with absolutely everything.

Clutch – A dark clutch for nights on the town. This leather beauty via Tory Burch is perfect.

Statement Watch – A jet-setter can’t be without a watch (for monitoring train departures and always showing up to meetings on time).

Crossbody Bag – A classic leather crossbody is essential for keeping your load light and staying stylish year-round.

Tote Bag – I usually am incapable of keeping my purse load light and a large leather tote is essential for those girls who bring their office with them everywhere.

Summer Straw Crossbody – A summer or spring accessory that will carry you through every sunny destination around the world.

Creating a classic capsule wardrobe is changes everything when it comes to reaching the summit of your personal style. I hope this inspires every jet-setter to simplify your closet. Create a wardrobe that keeps you well-dressed, confident and read for every adventure whether in the city or abroad.

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