January 5, 2018

My Favorite Patagonia Jacket & Winter Wear

Patagonia Coat

Today was one of those impossibly cozy days in Brooklyn where I spent the day writing and braving the big snow for a few photographs to capture this magic. Thank goodness for this Patagonia jacket – it is a lifesaver whether in the city, New England or the Alps.

As a girl who grew up in a small American town in the middle of the Arizona desert, you would think I would be averted to the idea of frigid temperatures and snow. It’s actually one of the feats of nature that absolutely send my heart into a romantic tizzy. I love it, I live for it. Snow brings back memories of the sweetest moments of my life and there isn’t anything I enjoy more than snowy walks, cuddling up under blankets, drinking extra thick hot chocolate and writing as the blizzard winds rage outside (followed by a few chapters of Harry Potter). Extra bonus points if there is a fireplace – which I’m determined to make a part of my next apartment.

Patagonia Coat

The only great “struggle” I’ve faced in adapting to New York life is finding coats that meet my classic style standards and warmth factor. My obsession with coats knows no bounds and I’m excited to one day take that to a new level (stay tuned), but for now, I’m always on the hunt for something a warmer. From my past Austria trip to this blizzard, warm essentials from Patagonia have been my go-to for keeping warm this winter. I find myself ordering a new cozy pullover or jacket on a monthly basis and I’m excited to make this brand a regular part of my northeast life during winters to come. I find the quality, weather resistance and classic American tailoring is the perfect cocktail for winter attire on those days when nature is winning.

Plus, Patagonia’s color selection is perfect for those jetsetters who don’t always want to rely on black and dark grey (I always try to avoid black unless a LBD). Here are a few of my favorite items which I’m currently working into my wardrobe:


I would say on most winter days in the city as I’m running errands and keeping my style casual, these are the pieces I fall back on. I can’t get enough of them.
What are your biggest winter style struggles? Leave a comment and let me know, maybe I can solve them for you in upcoming posts.
Patagonia Coat

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