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January 15, 2018

Car to Farm Tour: The Ultimate Food & Wellness Experience in Italy

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At Modern Jetsetter, we aim to celebrate authentic Italian travel experiences that deliver jetsetters with not only travel memories, but with tools that elevate their everyday lifestyles back home. I’m thrilled to share a stirring new Italian culinary and wellness adventure on my 2018 Italy itinerary: Car to Farm Tour 

Spoiler alert, this trip combines three of my favorite aspects when it comes to exploring Italy: rural countryside, farms and a culinary vision that inspires. Car to Farm Tour is the ultimate trifecta of rich local Italian experiences, cultivating healthy lifetime habits and celebrating seasonal-based cuisine of this internationally beloved country. The best ingredient to this? It’s built on the passion for giving.

car to farm tour italy

Founder, native Milanese and NYC-based health coach Mauro Clerici quit his six-figure AdTech career to build a travel experience that bridges his passion for celebrating Italian culture with his insatiable drive to show Americans the authentic food culture of Italy. What inspired this decision? A phone conversation with an Italian’s most important confidant: mom.

In his youth, spontaneously jumping into the car, mapping a few destinations and exploring the unexplored local gems with his mom was a regular activity. During one fateful FaceTime call, Mauro and his mom decided to recreate these treasured memory. What started as a nostalgic road-trip vacation through the Italian countryside in 2015 turned into the vision for Car to Farm Tour: a curated farm-to-table tour through the Italian countryside that explores the homemade side of cooking with a focus on cultivating body and mind wellness.

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A soul-stirring travel experience which doubles as a lifestyle overhaul, Car to Farm Tour is pioneering the future of the way visitors experience Italy – one farm at a time.

Here are a few reasons I’m counting down the days to this one-of-a-kind viaggio:

Travel to the Heart of Real Italy

I find myself in Italy for a good portion of the year, and Mauro has absolutely scouted out northern Italy’s most scenically breathtaking routes. His promise to guests is to show them the real Italia like they’ve never seen it before and guests will see why.

The first tour in May is called NORDOVEST (the Italian translation of Northwest), and explores the backroads of Italy’s most culturally rich regions: Lombardia, Liguria and Tuscany. This 6-day tour dives into the beauty of these stunning northern regions and will leave guests with a forever taste of Italy in the raw. You download the full itinerary here.

Mauro is currently busy in Italy planning more gorgeous itineraries and road maps, so keep your eyes on the Car to Farm website for latest adventures.

Experience Countryside & Medieval Towns

What I value most about this tour is that it’s a cocktail of different hidden perspectives. The only way to grasp the diverse historical and cultural makeup of Italy is by going off the typical tourist radar.

By visiting two different countryside farms and one medieval city, guests will be versed on the distinctions between each local culture and develop the ability to appreciate each region’s culinary differences. Mauro and his team also keep an eye on neighboring festivals, parades and celebrations – so guests will have the opportunity to party like local Italians.

Celebrate Farm-to-Table Eating & Cooking

When it comes to selecting the menu and cooking courses on the Car to Farm Tour, Mauro focuses on one mantra when deciding the menu: the question isn’t what to eat, it’s how he wants his guests to feel.

It’s true…Italians live on pasta, espresso, olive oil, dolci and thrive into the latest decades of life. Mauro wants to combine the principles of homemade Italian cooking with the secret behind wholesome living: plant-based, organic and seasonal eating practices. If you are looking to redefine your relationship with food and what you make for dinner every night, this culinary experience will transform your perspective on what it means to eat well.

And yes, it tastes spectacular.

Learn Pillars of Wellness

Wellness is the combination of healthy eating and mindful movement – and Car to Farm Tour has that covered. In between exploring the jewels of northwest Italy, guests will have the option to partake in yoga, meditation, colorpuncture, essential oil coaching and trail running. So yes, this tour is a 6-day spa session for your mind, body, stomach and soul.

Guests also receive a gift bag brimming healthy lifestyle treats (swoon).

Support Local Italian Families & Give Back

Not only is 3% of the retreat fee donated to Common Threads, a charity dedicated to educate kids about food, but Car to Farm Tour features only handpicked farms, agriturismo gems and local experiences that give back directly to the real Italian families, not giant tourism companies.

My heart skips beats when I discover an Italian experience that transcends the typical and transports guests to the true heart of Italian culture while continuing the legacy of culinary wanderlust for this timeless destination – Car to Farm Tour is just that, and I can’t wait to see it take Italy by storm.

car to farm tour italy

car to farm tour

Save the Dates (May 25 – May 31). Learn more and book on the Car to Farm Tour website – be sure to use the code MODERNJETSETTER for an exclusive 5% discount.

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