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January 10, 2018

Best Coffee Shops in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

coffee shops williamsburg

Williamsburg, Brooklyn is the destination I’ve called home for a full year and I’ve thoroughly written, caffeinated and worked in each neighborhood coffee shop worth visiting. When I first relocated to BK, I was surprised at the lack of resources on finding chic and sophisticated spaces that brewed perfect java; it quickly became a mission to provide all Williamsburg visitors and new inhabitants a full guide to the every New Yorker’s sweetest addiction: coffee.

I’m elated to share with you the five coziest coffee shops in Williamsburg which I nest in regularly. I hope this guide gives you a blueprint for navigating the coffee scene in my charming Brooklyn neighborhood:

1. Toby’s Coffee Estate There is no place in the city like this local Brooklyn roastery. Their passion for coffee is unrivaled and they offer one of the richest cold brews I’ve ever had (my lifeblood during city summers).  If you’re freelancing from a coffee shop, the only caveat is there are no power outlets…but there are tasty healthy nibbles that make up for it.

2. Sweethaus Cupcake Cafe Whenever I’m in the mood for a quiet and chic space that combines seriously strong coffee with sweet indulgences (AKA: cupcakes and cookies), Sweethaus is my place.

3. The West This trendy Williamsburg spot is off the radar for tourists, but is a daily treasure for locals. A coffee and working spot by day and a thriving cocktail lounge by night, The West is one of my favorite coffee shops for both classic and seasonal coffee concoctions (current hit: pumpkin spice maple latte).

4. The Bean Whenever taking my dog to McCarren park, this is my ritual Sunday stop. The Bean is a great spot, a huge coffee menu (every caffeine addiction will be satisfied) and it  captures the more eccentric spirit of Williamsburg. Plus, delicious vegan bites.

5. Sunday in Brooklyn — If you’re craving coffee and the quintessential New York brunch, this is your spot. From dirty chai and iced lattes to cappuccino, the coffee is divine. Follow it up with their chocolate-doused pancakes, because us New Yorkers need fuel.

6, Sweetleaf —  Last but definitely not least, Sweetleaf is one of the most charming coffee spaces in Brooklyn. Be sure to take your coffee a few steps to the Williamsburg waterfront to eat up the Manhattan skyline afterwards (the view that energizes like caffeine).

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  1. briana

    January 10th, 2018 at 7:24 pm

    I’m in Williamsburg all the time and somehow I’ve only been to one place on this list (Toby’s Estate)! I’ve walked past Sunday in Brooklyn several times and need to stop it. But, I’ve never even heard of Sweethaus or The West and need to check both of them out 🙂

    briana | youngsophisticate.com

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