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December 4, 2017

Jetsetters Give Back: A Night at The Library with CBSBB

october ball

Before I start sharing this year’s Modern Jetsetter gift guides, it’s important to take a step back from all the consumer madness and consider the people and causes in both the city and abroad that are in incredible need every day of the year.

Living in New York City, we are surrounded by endless opportunities to give back while simultaneously dipping into the city’s most glamorous parties. This autumn I had the privilege of attending the October Ball at the New York Public Library (spoiler alert: my favorite building in the city) in celebration of Catholic Big Brothers and Sisters (CBSBB) – a local non-profit that aims to deliver children in the city’s low-income communities with mentorships and skill-learning programs to make their professional dreams a reality.

It was a night of dazzling dresses, live jazz music (which Frank Sinatra would definitely approve of) and mingling with New Yorkers in true Manhattan flair. What made the night sweetest was the fact that it was all for a wonderful cause; I’m already looking into the possibility of volunteering as a CBSBB mentor next year . From a silent auction featuring New England’s most prized sports memorabilia to an open bar that had the most perfect champs to cheer to CBSBB, this event was nothing short of flawless and such a landmark moment for setting the tone of the New Yorker I want to be.

october ball

october ball

The atmosphere In true country-gone-city girl fashion (I went with my dear friend and interior designer extraordinaire Paisley Gamble), it was followed by a trip to a midtown diner in ball gowns for a mandatory serving of waffles, hash brown and carbs. It’s definitely an event I’m already penciling into my 2018 charity activities, which every city girl and her girlfriends should add to their annual holiday social calendar.

As both a New Yorkers and regular traveler, we should realize what a uniquely privileged life we have and slowly carve out ways in our lives to give adventures to the people who deserve them most: children. In 2018, The Modern Jetsetter will be highlighting a charity every month that will help both city-goers and global citizens give back in big ways.

october ball

october ball

To make a donation to CBSBB, simply go here.

All photo credits go to Hal Horowitz Photography.


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