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November 28, 2017

Dear Jetsetters: New website, my gratitude & holidays

the modern jetsetter

Welcome to the new chapter of The Modern Jetsetter! I couldn’t be more excited to unveil this long-awaited next step for the brand.

First, a huge thank you to my endlessly patient and talented designer Tori of Harper Maven Design. This is a person I’m beyond grateful for. From all my late-night emails (there were plenty) to working with me for three months to nail down the perfect branding…thank you for your insane talent, voice, vision and guidance. Having had you co-pilot the flight to this beautiful new online destination was a pleasure, and nothing short of inspiring to watch from takeoff to landing.

The Modern Jetsetter is now a prime destination for everything New York City living and a daily celebration of the cultured lifestyle. What to expect? Daily insights into elevated city living, regular escapes to Europe, seasonal and destination-based style inspiration, in-depth neighborhood guides, creating a cultured space in your own home, weekend trips to New England and honing your global eye so it touches very aspect of your life: travel experiences, city life, style, beauty, home, food and wellness.

This website isn’t about cramming every “must-see” into 48 hours pitstops, it’s about creating an elevated and cultured lifestyle in your city and handpicking a few destinations in the world to become a part of your story. The Modern Jetsetter is about discovering culturally deep experiences in both your own backyard and creating romantic lifetime affairs with the places you love most.

I’m a simple American girl living in an extraordinary city who has a never-ending affair with Europe. This life is a dream, and everyone can have it. The Modern Jetsetter will be coming to life in big ways over the next few years, and I’m proud to finally share with you the new foundation for all of it.

A tiny behind-the-scenes look into the making of The Modern Jetsetter:



What else is going on?

The sleep-inducing endorphins of Thanksgiving food (so much turkey, so much pecan pie) and the way the New York winter makes you want to stay in flannel PJs and drink vats of coffee from bed…those things are not ideal for jet lag. Recovering my Europe trip has proved challenging both physically and emotionally. It gave me both the beauty I planned on, and the beauty which I never saw coming. It honestly feels like I returned to the city with only half of my heart. I’m counting on this strong half to soak in all the gorgeous holiday celebrations and winter rituals around the city.

Since landing at JFK, I jumped straight into holiday planning, finishing December content and eased back into my Brooklyn routine. We also had a chance to escape to Connecticut for a day to catch the very last moments of autumn. There are few things in the world as beautiful as a glowing golden fall in New England…but watching New York transform into the most romantic winter destination in the world is absolutely one of those things. I can’t wait to share every moment with you.


Fall in Greenwich, CT

What’s coming up on The Modern Jetsetter over the next few weeks? A full recap of my adventures in Europe. From truffle hunting in Tuscany to farm living in Umbria to unexpectedly falling even more in love with Austria, I can’t wait to relive the magical memories here with you. Also, plenty of gift guides for the city girls in your life, holiday inspiration and wintertime NYC adventures. We’ll be spending New Years in Mexico, so I’ll be jumping into my 2018 fitness goals a little early and sharing wellness inspiration along the way. Spoiler alert: It starts with coffee and cute workout clothes.


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