September 13, 2017

Dear Jetsetters: Website Redesign & What’s Next

the modern jetsetter

Dear Jetsetters,

The last few intoxicating weeks of summer were spent slightly off-the-radar in Europe. I’ve been working busily behind the scenes on re-launch content and prepping the next chapter of The Modern Jetsetter – and now, it’s just about launch time.

The next chapter of The Modern Jetsetter, including a relaunch and major website makeover, is happening the first week of October. During this new wave, I’ll be stepping into a new realm of editorial inspiration and growing this website to be a sophisticated space for travel inspiration and the art of elevating your lifestyle through travel, with a very special focus on my two favorite places in the world.

Here is the official sneak peak of what’s to come this fall:

I could easily write a love letter to my home of New York City every day, and a large part of The Modern Jetsetter will be just that. From the untold stories of the city, to restaurant spotlights, magical city experiences, boutique hotels, must-visit rooftops, weekend escapes in the Hamptons to celebrating the identity and routine of the modern New York woman, I’m thrilled to share this delicious city in ways you’ve never seen before.

Raised in an Italian family and in a large part by my Italian grandmother, this country has always been a treasured part of my life. As I traveled Europe extensively last year, it became clear that no destination outside New York made me feel more alive and madly in love with life than Italy. From Autumn grape harvest, to slow cooking experiences in the Tuscan countryside to exploring the art of Italian fashion, I’ll be spending a large part of my year in this incredible country uncovering the most authentic Italian experiences – region by region – and sharing the the art of the Italian living and travel in a fresh editorial way.

jetsetter home

Travel doesn’t stop once you get off the airplane. The heart of being a modern jetsetter is taking your travel experiences back home with you – for me, that’s my apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. From rustic Italian recipes, entertaining guests and travel-inspired décor, the Jetsetter Home section of the website is something I’ve been planning for almost a year and is finally ripe. I’m ready to bring you inside my world and show you how to celebrate the art of splitting life between two incredible destinations in your own space.

the modern jetsetter

There is something extra timeless about the style of a woman who values travel, freedom, the beauty of other cultures. Above all – nothing quite compares to the practical elegance of a city woman always in hustle mode. In the next chapter of The Modern Jetsetter, style inspiration will be reinvented to celebrate iconic style moments of famous Jetsetters and also the art of honing in on your own unique and timeless city-meets-globe style.

I’m excited to announce the launch of the Jetsetter Shop. From my daily city looks to travel outfits and the home décor pieces I snag abroad, I’ll be launching a portion of the website where you can shop everything you see on this website to bring the Jetsetter lifestyle into your own home. I’ll be working with and showcasing artisan brands based both in the east coast USA, Italy and Southern Europe to bring you the best of décor, beauty, fashion and home essentials for your own jetsetter life.

jetsetter perks

Authentic Travel Experiences & Preferred Partners

The past year has ignited a major passion for supporting small businesses, boutique hotels, luxury retreats and tour companies that sew passion into every stitch of their business. I’ll be sharing my preferred partners in New York City, Italy and across Europe to deliver my readers with the most authentic, luxurious and most elevated travel experiences around the globe. Along with spotlighting each business with an interview and extensive editorial feature, Jetsetters will have access to exclusive perks and insights into crème-de-la-crème travel experiences around the world.

As we continue to work behind the scenes here on prepping the next level of content and the design, I won’t be pushing any new editorial content until the official website re-launch in October.  Be sure to follow the adventures on Instagram in the meantime and sign up for the official Modern Jetsetter newsletter on our homepage.

 Travels to look forward to when we return? Greece, France, Italy and plenty of “on the road” moments of writing my first book are coming up the first week of October.

Until then, a presto, dearest jetsetters.

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