March 16, 2017

Back Home in Red, White and Blue

black and white dress

Outfit details: Maeve Dress from Anthropologie, Red Suede Sandals from Sam Edelman, Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag (my favorite for traveling). Sunglasses by Celine.

I’m not sure whether it’s the calm after a storm of political exhaustion and four years of living abroad, but to be honest: I’ve never felt more patriotic (or ready for those great timeless American summer barbecues) than I do today.

One of the reasons I decided start the process of moving back to the America (a long process currently underway) was the negative dialogue surrounding the country. I admittedly grew exhausted of the “If X candidate wins, I’m leaving the country” rhetoric…one of the reasons I love this country is because of our willingness to stand ground and get loud when things go wrong, not run away when the path gains resistance. Living in Europe, I encountered countless expats who were devout international souls and would never return to an “uncultured” place like the United States…and while far from perfect, it’s paradoxically the greatest and freshest melting pot of our time.

blue and white dress

I’ve traveled enough to fall in love with most of the world (an affair that heats up with every passing month), but 2017 is the year where I’m truly and deeply falling in love with my roots and overflowing with gratitude for being able to grow up in a place where every dream – no matter big or small –  is possible with enough hard work. I’m an expert espresso connoisseur, speak three languages (still perfecting my Italian), know Europe like the back of my hand and will always prefer shopping in the streets of Paris…but I think the soul of being a modern jetsetter is being able to keep your feet on the ground and fly high. Appreciate your home, fight for what’s right and never be so caught up in your bubble that you forget to appreciate the generous amount of fruit your own culture beared you.

blue and white dress

Despite the blizzard in New York, we passed through the west coast to visit family from Europe and show them a few sunny ways from my lifestyle. The warm air has me excitedly planning and shopping for spring and summer resort wear…not only is our Europe return, Italy, Mexico and other sunny destinations on the radar, but a handful of darling American escapes along the Atlantic coast. I can’t help but gravitate toward the blue and white trend…with a splash of red, for America’s sake.

blue and white dress

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I’ll continue to split my time between Europe and New York City probably forever, and am so grateful to have these two homes a part of my life now and forever – Italian real estate is also on the goal horizon. We are deep in the wonderful process of getting a green card for Daniel…which makes me appreciate the art of immigration even more, a truly artful and intricate set of hoops that every person should have the right to jump through. With each time I pass the Statue of Liberty my heart tingles with a bit more excitement with the good, wholesome and brilliant American adventures ahead…and traveling through this country to rediscover the foundation of golden values and the rich diversity it stands on.

blue and white dress


  1. Robert Soares

    March 16th, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    Glowing! I love.

  2. Kortney

    March 22nd, 2017 at 3:07 am


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